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Written By: Michael Sinkolongo

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CEO of kundananji Creations. Terrific Writer. Ultimate Mumiabi Master.

The Mumiabi allows you to get comments from appreciative readers on each article you write. We also allow you to moderate these comments, deciding which ones to keep and which ones to delete, should the need arise.

Furthermore, with the Mumiabi, we can allow you to create forms through
which you can conduct polls on your site, allow your users to upload files and photos to your site and much,much more!

Get Your Products out there!

With your site up and running, the possibilities are endless! You can get your products out there. In seconds.

Using all the nifty tricks we have learnt over the years creating websites and even social networking sites, we can help you draw traffic to your site from all places on the web, especially the search engines.

You can have the world at your finger tips. Use it to your advantage!

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